The Umbrella Academy recap and season 2 ending explained

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If that sentence doesn’t make any sense to you that means you are new to The Umbrella Academy! For those who are thinking of starting this amazing TV show, let me tell you that you made the right choice! I’ll briefly explain what it is about and why you will enjoy it very very much.

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The story is based on the comic book series of the same name written by Gerard Way and now adapted to Netflix by Steve Blackman and developed by Jeremy Slater. The show starts telling the story of how the superheroes were born from women who weren’t pregnant from all around the world the same day. After the surprise of giving birth to unexpected children, an eccentric billionaire, Mr. Hargreeves, appears to buy as many superhero babies as he can. He got seven of them, which are our main characters, they are named after their number, as for example the Number Seven, who is called Vanya (played by Ellen Page). Now grown-up superheroes, they reunite to solve the mystery of their father’s death and the threat of an impending apocalypse. In this journey, they will discover some family secrets, as well as to know themselves and their siblings better, amongst many other exciting adventures.

That being said and explained, let’s get to the real thing!

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Everyone was shocked and maybe confused with the ending of season 2 of this incredible show and we are here to do a little recap and to explain the ending. In addition, we will also talk about some theories about the confirmed season 3.

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Despite all the problems our loved characters have to go through in a different timeline to save the world, a very tense argument with the Commission and some random and unexpected time travel, we get to the tensest scene of the entire show. Back in Sissy’s farm, her son Harlan, dealing with a big problem with the unmanageable transferred powers from Vanya and the whole Hargreeves family there, the battle starts when all the Commission personnel appears behind Lila and The Handler.

Everyone was shocked at the sight of flying Vanya sending an incredible shockwave towards Lila and everyone around her, eliminating all the Commission personnel, but the shock was greater when Lila did the same moves! She started flying and also sent a shockwave towards the farm. We finally understood the real purpose of Lila, who can mirror every power she’s exposed to as she did with the rumoring of Allison, Luther’s super strength, or Five’s spacial and time jumps.

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But let’s get to the ending scene, inside the barn where we see Lila surrounded by the Hargreeves family, making her understand that she’s one more of their family because she has powers and was born the same day as every Umbrella Academy member. Five, who was told to kill Lila’s parents when she was a child, told her that it was his job and that its underlying purpose was to make her an orphan so that The Handler could have her because of her uniqueness and powers. She finally understands that her ‘mother’ was taking advantage of her. But now is when it gets messier. The Handler enters the barn and kills everyone with a gun!

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Fortunately, Five is still alive and manages to go back to moments before the catastrophe and stops The Handler from killing everyone. Now the remaining Swedish guy appears from behind and kills her, stopping her from killing the others. Lila gets a suitcase and vanishes, and the Hargreeves return to their corresponding timeline back to 2019.

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But the show doesn’t end here. When they get back to 2019 and to their home, having stopped the apocalypse helped Harlan and fixed everything, they notice it’s no longer their home as they knew it. Walking into the living room, they see Ben’s portrait and get surprised by their father’s voice. Yup, he’s alive! Besides that, they are no longer in The Umbrella Academy but in The Sparrow Academy. A whole new dimension has opened in front of them! A group of teenagers emerges from the shadows behind them and the long-gone face of Ben now appears as a gothic version of him, asking “who the hell are these as*holes?” and that’s how the season ends.

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We have lots of questions and hypotheses on how the third season will be. There are literally infinite possibilities because a whole universe has opened up and a whole new story can be built. What is clear is that this season answers the question of what happened to the other children who were born the same day in other parts of the world. Will this mean we’ll get more answers about every child? What will happen to the Umbrella Academy?

We can only wait to see what happens in the third season! We are sure it won’t disappoint any of us!