Saint Rumm – HeyBoy x Vanity Teen Exclusive

Saint Rumm shirtless holding rainbow boy artwork

Saint Rumm Exclusive Interview | HeyBoy x Vanity Teen

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You are such a talented artist; the colors you use explode off of the canvas! Was there something/someone specific that inspired you to pick up a paintbrush and ignite your love for artwork with hyper color?

Thank you so much, I’m very pleased to hear that! The biggest inspiration for me is music and love. When I’m listening to some fun upbeat music, an image or an idea is born in my head. I take my supplies and start to bring it to life. Oh, yes, and even then I want to dance. Drawing and dancing are the things that I can combine quite successfully. Probably all people want to do something incredible when they fall in love. When I do, I convey my feelings on canvas.

If you had to choose one thing that was your most favorite thing to sketch/paint, what would it be and why?

That would definitely be my paintings with eyes. I’ve already created lots of such paintings, as you may have noticed. I adore the depth of human eyes. You can find a reflection of a person’s soul in them and, depending on the color and texture, a whole personality can be conveyed on canvas.

If you had to think about Pop Culture for a bit and choose one thing that you believe inspired you the most, what would it be?

As a creative person, I am attracted by everything unusual. I was very impressed by the radical change in Miley Cyrus’s style in 2013. Her new era was such a brilliant idea, with modern provocative songs and fascinating performances that contained everything: from a huge tongue-shaped slide to all kinds of body-positive people as dancers.

Favorite Netflix Original TV show or Movie!?

Damn, it’s a shame that Netflix has done so many awesome series! It’s hard to pick just one now. Okay, then it will probably be Stranger Things because it is an intriguing horror story for all ages, imbued with the spirit of adventure that keeps you intrigued to the very end.

What fashion era would you say influences your style the most?

I love the 80s, the style of this era is my guilty pleasure. Also, the era of Andy Warhol. His manner of clothing, creativity, and thinking in general really do inspire me.

If you had a magic genie lamp and could wish for only one thing to come true, what would you wish for?

Honestly, I don’t want to say some dull and obvious things like “world peace”. If there was only one wish, I would forget about my selfishness. I want every person on this planet to wake up in the morning and find something encouraging and motivating news to inspire them with positivity and kindness. It seems to me that with such attitude the world will become a better place for all of us.

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