Nick Norman by Eduardo Fermin – HeyBoy x VTEEN

Nick Norman - Shirtless + Arm Above Head - By Eduardo

Nick Norman by Eduardo Fermin

HeyBoy x VTEEN

Instagram: @thenicknorman Photographer: @eduardoferminphoto

Q) What would you say inspires you the most about pop culture and would you say it is more past or modern day pop culture that influences you the most?

A) What inspires me most about pop culture is how it impacts society’s youth in such a major way, given that is what many of them grow up, which in-turn shapes them to be the adults that they become. Past pop culture is very interesting, but current pop culture, with the introduction of social media and various other kinds of technological innovations, will have a very unique impact on my generation. This is an impact I’d like to study later when I’m older.

Q) What would you say your most annoying habit would be?

A) My most annoying habit would have to be, going out to eat when there is food at home!

Q) What do you love to do to pass the time when you are not working?

A) When I am not working I enjoy passing the time in a number of ways. I enjoy reading, exercise, sports, meditation, going for long walks, and learning new things.

Q) Favourite song of all time and why!?

A) My favorite song of all time would have to be Crazy – Gnarls Barkley . This song, without fail, brings me back to my childhood, my entire family used to jam out to this song.

Q) Which fashion brand would you say would be your main goal to one-day work with and what about this brand do you love the most?

A) A brand that I would love to work with one day would be Calvin-Klein. This brand is important to me because they are so classic and timeless and have features so many of the biggest celebrities. Also, I look great in Calvins!

Q) Most memorable thing you have learned this year that you’ll take with you through life?

A) 2020 has taught all of us many important lessons. I think the lesson that is most notable for me would be that: finding and pursuing your passion is everything in life. Life is passion and passion is life.

Thank you to Eduardo and Nick for the amazing shoot!! Please head over to Eduardo’s page and check out his amazing portfolio.

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