Mitch Tummel By J.Vladimir

Mitch Tummel Shirtless - Side Profile - HeyBoy Fanzine

Mitch Tummel by J.Vladimir

HEYBOY Exclusive Interview

Photographer: J.Vladimir

Model : Mitch Tummel

Q- When you first started modelling did you think you would end up growing your social media as quickly as you did or did you have the following before you got into fashion and modelling?

A- I had a small following of about 7,000 before getting into modelling, definitely didn’t plan to grow as much as I did but I’m not surprised because of all the shoots I was doing and the work I was putting into it! Glad people enjoyed my content!

Q- Who would you name as your top inspiration in the modelling world?

A- That’s hard! A few that I always looked to for style and a cool look are Sean O’pry, Jordan Barrett, and Thylane Blondeau.

Q- Thinking about everything you have learned so far with your modelling career, was there one thing you wish you knew beforehand which would have made it much easier on yourself? – Maybe a bit of advice that would be helpful to some of your followers who want to have a future in the fashion world.

A- You need to accept every chance and opportunity you get and be confident in yourself, this is an industry were the tough survive! Take chances and make risks!

Q- Even though this year has been tough on so many, have you found that you were able to accomplish things you did not imagine you would have been able to without a bit more free time? – What have you been keeping busy with?

A- This year was an odd one for sure, but I definitely made the most of it! I’ve been staying busy with shoots and some other projects in the works such as a photo book, so luckily I’ve been able to stay busy!

Q- What was the last TV series you have watched and why should everyone go watch it right now?!

A- The last full series I watched was Breaking Bad and it speaks for itself, Its an amazing show!

Q- Anything funny or strange about yourself? Can you name one thing all your fans do not currently know about you that you think they would all find interesting!?

A- I guess the strangest thing would just be that I am always open to trying new things, scuba diving was my recent and it was very cool! I’m pretty transparent with what I do but ill raddle some off they may not know. I love beaches, MMA, sports, showers, movies, dirt bikes and lots more!

Q- It has been so difficult setting goals for so many over this world shut down. If you had to think about the ending of this year, what most do you hope for yourself?

A- I really hope that more opportunities keep arising and continue growing my name and working with large brands as well as continuing acting development. Really hope to see the world as a whole staying safe but being able to fully open soon.

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