Menno Idink – HeyBoy x Vanity Teen Exclusive

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Menno Idink Exclusive Interview | HeyBoy x Vanity Teen

Instagram: @menno.idink TikTok: @menno.idink

We saw you made it onto famous birthdays! – Congrats!  You have such an engaging fan base. What platform did you gain most of your online following from and why do you think they engage so much with your content?

I gained most of my followers through the app TikTok. I never expected to grow so fast in such a short time. I started posting more seriously two months ago and I’m now reaching 300K followers, which I think is crazy. I still don’t understand why people engage with my videos, but I’m so grateful my followers found a reason to follow me. Lots of people started following me because they think I have some Leonardo DiCaprio features. Others say it’s because of my style, personality or just the way I look.

Songs in your playlist that give you the most inspiration during the day?

My music taste is all over the place and I’m sure that I’ll like any song you put on. I’m definitely not a morning person. That’s why I normally start my day with some 2010s tunes such as Everybody Talks (Neon Trees), Young, Wild & Free (Snoop Dogg) and 50 Ways to Say Goodbye (Train). These songs always help me better my mood before I start my day.

During the day, for example at school, I often listen to artists such as Blackbear, Drake, Frank Ocean, Lil Baby and The Neighbourhood. At night, I mostly listen to artists that calm me down, for example Billie Eilish or NF. Besides this, I love house music for dancing, such as the song On My Mind (Diplo).

Who is one of your biggest inspirations in life that helps motivate you to keep heading towards your goals?

When I was 8 years old, I traveled to South Africa and I heard about Nelson Mandela. I even did a presentation about him in middle school, because I was so intrigued. What I really admire about him is that he stood for something and fought in a peaceful way to achieve equity. He stood for his morals and did not think twice about the opinions of others. This inspires me as I want to remain true to myself and the things I believe in. By doing so, I hope I will be able to stand my grounds and do whatever makes me happy.

Where are some of your favorite travel destinations and why?

My family has an international background. Both my parents are Dutch, but I was born in Munich, Germany. When I was 1 year old, I moved to France where my little brother was born. Since the age of six, I’ve lived in the Netherlands. Growing up in France has made me feel connected with their culture.

Luckily my family loves to travel, so I have had the possibility to travel all around the world. I especially loved the culture and the people in Vietnam and Cuba. One of the coolest places was Lapland in Sweden, where you wake up to a burning sky every morning. And let’s not forget all the fantastic cities in the US, such as LA, New York and Miami where I would love to settle down.

If I could spend more time traveling and discovering the world, that would be ideal. Next on my list are Brazil and Japan.

What is one thing you hope most for when thinking about your future?

I really hope that this new journey I’m starting will lead me to discover my passion in life, so that I can keep doing the things that make me happy on a daily basis. I want to be proud of what I do for a living and what I’ve accomplished so far.