LUCAS (Sugarrluck) by WHERB – HeyBoy x VTEEN Exclusive Interview

Lucas - Sugarrluck - Fashion Photography - Desert

Lucas (Sugarrluck) by WHERB

HeyBoy x VTEEN Exclusive Interview

Instagram: @sugarrluck Photographer: @wherb_

Assistance/Backstage: @gabesmen / @maanoelrosa

Q) You have such a beautifully hypnotic sound to your voice! Your new singles ‘Calma’ & ‘California’ are great! Can you tell us a little bit about California and what the song means to you?

A) Thank you very much! I wrote California about an old relationship. It was a difficult and confused period in the head of a teenager who was only 16. In some verses I demonstrate this by attaching to my confused feelings and how I was feeling insufficient and unhappy. As the song progresses, I let go of something that didn’t do me any good, so “California” is about self-care and knowing when to put yourself first.

Q) What specifically about Pop Culture would you say inspires you the most? Would you say you were more inspired by past or current Pop Culture? 

A) What I love about pop culture is how everything can be expressed as an art form. I take a lot of inspiration from current and past pop, I think a middle ground for both sides. The past has shown me how to proceed and the current scene teaches me how to bring the pop scene to life in a modern way.

Q) Is there a specific producer you would love to one-day work with on new music?

A) Thinking big, the way I like it, I really believe in the current and futuristic music scene. SOPHIE is one of my inspirations, besides being a transsexual producer I love the specific elements she uses in her productions. Fleeing to the other side, Mark Ronson would also be a dream for liking both his aesthetics and sonic vibe.

Q) If you were out buying a close friend a gift, what is the most important thing you look for in a gift to make sure it is special?

A) Christmas is coming, and the first thing I think of when I am going to give someone a gift is to think about their essence and think what they would be happy to receive. I think this is going to make you a lot more acquainted with the people you relate to.

Q) Can you name a few songs that are currently in your playlist that are filling you with inspiration during the strange times the world is experiencing?

A) I am always looking for new artists to listen to, and lately I have been listening to a new artist called Suki, she is incredible and her new song “Blessing” left me standing for days, I could only listen to her. I am also listening to a French artist called Lous and the Yakuza, her aesthetic is incredible and her voice is unique. Moving to the other side of the globe, I love to support the Brazilian scene that is increasingly spreading worldwide, and Duda Beat has an incredible album that deserves to be heard!

Here It is a list of a few songs that I’m addicted to:

Suki – Blessing 

Lous and The Yakuza – Dilemme

Benee, Lily Allen, Flo Milli – Pain

Planet 1999 – Party

Ariana Grande – POV

Q) Top 3 celebrities you find the most inspiration in?

A) My main source of inspiration are several artists that I saw grow and grew up with. I love Marina (and the Diamonds), even the “sugar” of my name comes from a song by her called “Bubblegum Bitch” that simply shaped my adolescence. I love the way Rosalía takes her country’s culture in a modern and artistic way. Also, Troye remains one of my inspirations as well, for being the first boy artist I met being openly from the LGBTQ + community, he showed me that it was possible for me to be in the world of music by being who I am.

Q) If you could wish for one thing right now and it would instantly come true, what would you wish for?

A) There is nothing I would want more than the stability of the universe and a world without prejudgement. We are moving towards the future and there is nothing worse than feeling that we are falling back on ideals. And I would also like to wish, dear diary, that this vaccine would come out soon, so that I can connect with all the people I love and miss meeting.

Thank you Lucas, WHERB and Team!

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