Justin Hamm – Through The Looking Glass

Justin Hamm The Multidisciplinary Artist - Wet Blue Hair - Shower
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Through The Looking Glass

HeyBoy Exclusive Interview

Photographer: Justin Hamm

Birthday: September 20th, 2003

Birthplace: Hepburn, Sask, CAN

Birth Sign: Virgo

We had the chance to chat with multidisciplinary artist Justin Hamm and ask a few questions about life, his goals and what inspires him to keep creating the whimsical, otherworldly art he produces.

Q) Who inspired you to start producing fashion photography and what do you hope for your future with your talents?

A) Social media has been a great help for me. There are several brilliant creators that have inspired me to start producing fashion photography, such as: Joshua Johnston , Billie Eilish, Noah Cyrus, Marina Williams, Kylie Katich, Bryan Adam Castillo, Alexis Castillo, Brad Mondo , to name a few.

I hope to be able to continue creating and sharing my work with the world, whether it’s me modelling, taking pictures, or just creating in general. 

Q) During all this quarantine / world shut down time, did you learn anything about yourself you did not quite understand previously? – If so how has it effected your life?

A) Before the pandemic started, I only took pictures of other people. Because everyone was isolating and staying home, I started taking pictures of myself, since there wasn’t anyone to take pictures of. This didn’t come easy because I had never modelled or been in front of the camera. After months of shooting, I started to become more confident and began developing my style. Now, I’m a model and I love creating. Covid taught me to embrace who I am, despite what people may say or think. 

Q) Favorite fashion designer and why do you think they inspire you so deeply?

A) My favourite fashion designer is Dame Anna Wintour. She’s the brains behind Vogue and has inspired so many including myself. Look after look, I’ve never been disappointed. 

Q) Who is currently keeping you inspired in your life musically?

A) Music is a big part of my life. So many artists inspire me. Here are a few that stand out: Billie Eilish, Charlotte Cardin, K. Flay, Finn Askew, Remi Wolf, UPSAHL, Doja Cat, Ruby Waters, Will Jay, ROLE MODEL, Lil Nas X, LISA, Gallipony, and Rory Webley. I often listen to music during my shoots and it can influence my poses/ideas in the process. 

Q) One major goal you wish to accomplish in your life, even if this is 20-30 years in the future?

A) A major goal of mine is for people to recognize me when they see a picture of me or hear my name, regardless of what my occupation may be. 

Q) If you had to think about travelling the world, where would the place of your dreams be and why do you think you have such a connection?

A) My dream place to travel is in Banff, Alberta. Although I’ve been there multiple times, it doesn’t change it’s authenticity. There’s something about the mountains that keeps me humble. I feel most grounded and inspired in nature.

Q) How has pop culture influenced your life and would you say it’s been more positive than negative?

A) I’ve always loved vintage things. From decor, to fashion, to music, makeup and originality. A lot of pop culture is currently vintage themed which has it’s positive and negatives. On one hand, I get to be inspired in the current day by so many individuals and their styles, because of pop culture. On the other hand, I’ll be sad to see the vintage inspired styles be a thing of the past as soon as pop culture moves on to the next thing. Overall, I’m thankful for how positive pop culture has influenced me.

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