Jack Wright Exclusive Interview

Jack Wright - Leaning Against Wall - Blue Jeans - Hands in Pockets
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HEYBOY x Vanity Teen  Double Feature

Photographer: Bryant

Birthday: March 29, 2003

Birthplace: California

Birth Sign: Aries

Q) We noticed that TikTok can sometimes be quite scary in the comment sections. How do you feel when the comment section is full of crudeness and unwarranted criticism?

A) I honestly take it lightly and not too seriously, because otherwise it can be too consuming and it will really get you down. I feel like the people who leave negative comments are going through their own issues and if I am their outlet to let that out, then maybe in some weird way I am helping them? Thinking about it that way has at least been the best way for me to deal with it so far.

Q) Who is currently your biggest inspiration in music and why do you think you gravitate so much towards their art?

A) Jack Johnson! His music is all about family and how much he loves his family no matter what. Family is the most important thing to me above everything else! I wouldn’t be where I am today without my family.

Q) If you could have a dream collaboration come true, who would you most hope to work with and why this person specifically?

A) Ross Lynch!! People say we look alike for starters, but I also really admire his career trajectory and all that he has accomplished so far. I would love to be across from him in a role, or do a cool collab with him. But honestly most importantly, I’d really love to take him to a nice dinner and talk to him!

Q) What era / which pop culture icon do you think you pull style references from?

A) Definitely the 90’s! I love the 90’s grunge/vintage look– think Brad Pitt 90’s vibe 🙂

Q) If you had to think about the career path you have chosen so far in life, what would you name as the most rewarding part and which would you say would be the least rewarding?

A) The best part of social media is the amount of people I get to meet and everywhere I get to travel! I have learned so much about different cultures and different types of people, that without social media I wouldn’t have had the chance to experience. I think the worst part of social media is that you always have eyes on you, so if you make even one little mistake it can be seen across the world. So you always have to make sure you are representing yourself in the best light!

Q) Most annoying habit!?

A) I get crazy obsessed with my teeth! It will take me forever to do my teeth process- I try to keep them very hygienic so between brushing and flossing it can sometimes make my morning routine take so long that I am late!

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