Iam Balfego by Toni – HEYBOY x VTEEN

Iam Balfegó - Arms Up - HEYBOY X Vanity Teen
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Iam Balfegó by Toni

HEYBOY x Vanity Teen

Exclusive Interview

New Faces Model

Photographer: Toni Perez

Scouted By: HEYBOY

Birthday: June 19, 2004

Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain

Birth Sign: Gemini

Q) What do you find yourself doing most to pass the time when you are not busy with school or other important tasks?

A) I’m learning Italian on my own, I also work out and I’m learning cooking now that I live alone. I love hanging out with friends, spending time with the people I also enjoy very much watching sunsets as much as I can

Q) If you had to pick only one type of food you could eat for the rest of your life!?

A) I would definitely choose sushi, I love eating sushi so much that when I turned 17 my mum invited me over to a sushi restaurant!

Q) We live in a world currently where it seems to be normal to be either, stressed, angry, frustrated or to just hold grudges against each other for as long as possible. If you had to think of one thing that might help the people start seeing things in a more positive light, what would you think that one thing could be?

A) That’s one of the biggest problems we humans face. We focus and give more importance to the bad things and makes us have bad feelings.

Reconsider everything that you worry about in a day and say, “okay I have this issue, I’m going to solve it, if I can’t, I’m going to try to find out a solution but I’m not getting stressed or angry about it.”

Using that tiny thought while solving concerns has helped me during the past years.

Q) It is easy to focus on negativity, so if you HAD to switch your thoughts a bit… What would you say would be the most important thing you have learned during the whole world lock down over these past few years?

A) During lock down, I’ve realized that you have to focus on yourself and not in what others see about you. When you’re being the best version of yourself, others see that in you and it’s what makes you special.

Q) If you had to name one unique thing about yourself not many people would know, what would it be?

A) I’m a very independent person, I like doing things by myself and learning as much as I can, rather than be asking for help to someone when I want to do something. I’m also very empathetic and I always want to help people, even if I don’t know them. Helping someone during the day may be seen like an unimportant thing, but it can help the other person to have an amazing day.

Q) Favorite movie or TV series you have been addicted to watching recently?

A) Dynasty and The Fast and Furious Saga. I’ve also watched all the Marvel Universe in chronological order and so many more movies.

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