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Gregory Dillon - Sad Magic - Interview

Gregory Dillon by Curtis Scott Brown

Exclusive Interview

Q) What does it mean to you to be able to express your inner self through the emotions of your music?

A) Lately I’ve been looking back to the suburban neighborhood I grew up in. It’s both emotionally complex and nostalgic for me. I was mixed in with some crappy homophobic kids and a lot of my insecurities where first established outside my house. However, on the positive of suburbia I lived with empty woods, roads and rooms which gave me a lot of space to be alone. Being by myself, I became really sensitive and curious about trying things I liked. I started working out to my moms 80s cardio aerobic tapes and playing piano in my avoided school chapel. I really found so much beauty in the world during those times and making this album has helped me find an entire new meaning to why I went through the things I did.

Q) Who could you name as being one of your biggest inspirations in life that helped you either physically or mentally to achieve your dreams of creating music on a more professional level?

A) I’m gunna nominate 14-year-old Gregory because that kid was tenacious. (My mom and counsellor are going to be proud because they are always reminding me to self-endorse lol) But seriously, when younger I thought that was a cheesy concept, but now I completely agree and encourage anyone reading to take a sec to pat yourself on the back for being the star that you are.

Q) Would you change anything about the music industry that you think would help new artists achieve their dreams?

A) If Billboards ran their charts based on a trampoline/interruptive dance tournament I would confidently be on the top 40 charts by now. Me and my gymnastic ribbons are waiting…

Q) Your new single “Lovely” is amazing. The message behind the song is inspirational and so very true. We are the only ones standing in the way of our own personal version of bliss and sometimes that pill is very hard to swallow. 

A) It’s amazing how bad sleep, self doubt, and too many gummy bear vitamins can tear your subconscious apart. This song really came together in the middle of an anxiety attack. I had just landed in LA to be in a string of writing sessions. Things were also going great because I had just started a new relationship and was excited to write some good love songs. Flip the switch and keeping things vague, the first day I learned I had done something pretty stupid to jeopardize my new thing and what was a daydream now felt like a nightmare. This song was written in the eye of the storm and the music really helped me work the fear that things “never had a chance to just be lovely.” (fun fact the period at the end of the title sums up all the demise I was feeling.)

Q) Could you explain a bit of the inspiration for *writing your upcoming album Sad Magic* and what it means to you on a more personal level?

A) The entire album (coming out November 13th) attempts to navigate suburban insecurities, ways of escape, and the yearning of true love. Basically its my current teenage diary narrated from the dawn to dusk of a romance and identity crisis. Hope you all relate ;(

Q) It is very difficult for some people to just have genuine conversations about their true feelings. Was this always a natural ability for you or something that you had to slowly teach yourself?

A) ~Cue the shocked Pikachu meme ~ you’re so sweet. luckily in song writing it’s a perk to be hyper aware of how you and others are feeling. In sessions, I love a vulnerable environment; it kinda feels like having reiki sessions (guess who is level 1 certified). Actually I was once told during a session that my spirit guide is a mystic singing nun from the 12th century haha love you Hildegard.

Q) Name a few songs in your playlist currently that help you to pump up your inspiration when you are in need of a recharge?

A) Nostalgia takes me places and to this day, if I hear Metro Station’s ‘Shake It’  I will jump out of a moving Uber and roll into a power dance routine. They were a huge influence growing up and I even got hit in the head with their drum stick seeing them live in high school! On the other end of the spectrum Tears for Fears played in the high school sequence of Donnie Darko is the theme song to my back roads driving playlist. ‘Lovely.’ is kind of the middle child between these two sibs. 

Q) We were originally introduced to your work after we heard your single “Screenshots” The moment we started listening we were instantly a fan of your work. 

Do you find that when you are recording music that is so very personal to you, you get quite nervous before release day or does this give you a sense of freedom from your thoughts? 

A) 50% of the time sweating, 50% of the time pacing, 100% of the time nervously eating all the pretzels. Of course a part of me is banking on doing well in order to get to that next level of the pop singer world, but genuinely I’m mostly stoked for people to listen and take it into their daily lives! It’s hands down the best feeling in the world to share that with a fan and I’m so glad The Lonely Avocado arrived at my sonic party…and brought more snacks 😉

Q) The Internet gets quite demanding of artists. Do you find it difficult to navigate through social media and still leave with inspiration to create what you truly want to create or do you find that you have to cater a bit to other people’s needs?

A) To make a good guac you need plenty of salt, citrus and a self-endorsement. I don’t know if that applies metaphorically to this question haha I’m clearly hungry. Yes to socials being difficult- I think the majority of people would say that social media feels both vital and toxic during the pandemic. I personally love entertaining and live for a fashionable photo but I have to constantly remind myself to not put much thought or pressure on the stats. It’s so easy to use your engagement rating on IG to measure how well you’re doing in life and that’s something I’m working on reversing.

Q) What would you say brings the biggest smile to your face and what scares you the most about life?

A) Well I just watched Paranormal Activity 3, which I can say, was the scariest film I watched this month. I will NEVER put a camera on an oscillating fan and let it record while I sleep. Biggest smile might go to the 50 cent sticky-hand I got at my local grocery store vending machine. I can swipe a dollar from 15 feet away with that thing!

Q) If you had to fast forward to the future and see a distant version of yourself, what would you hope for him?

A) Looking forward to natural grey hair and teaching a cardio pool class in my 60’s. But up until then I hope to make a couple artsy dance records and play a few giant festival shows with the same dance moves that will be featured in my later class. Back to the future Part 2 the Remix?!

Q) We are living through some pretty tough times right now. Many of us can sift through difficult times to bring the things that inspire us most to the surface. 

What would you say brings you the most inspiration in times where things are seemingly never going to head back up?

A) Growing up my mom was constantly painting angels. I used to not see the point but now I get it! You got to know who they are and keep them close! I always remind myself in those trying moments to look up and remind myself that I got people watching over me. How Buddha do i sound right now?! Seriously though- To anyone struggling to find that state, I suggest going for a walk alone under the stars and listening to what they hear in the silence. You’re here for a reason.

Take a listen to Gregory’s newest singles from his upcoming EP “Sad Magic” which is set to release November 13th 2020!

Thank you to Curtis and Gregory and team!

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