Greg Rogstad by Matty Rhee – HeyBoy x VTEEN Exclusive Interview

Greg Rogstad by Matty Rhee - Outdoors - Black Jeans - Shirtless

Greg Rogstad by Matty Rhee

Exclusive Interview

Instagram: @gregrogstad Photographer: @mattyrhee

MGMT: @iamdiomi

Q) What ignited the spark within you to start a career in acting?

A) I started off in a high school play. I played an old man named Fagin from Oliver Twist. The rest is history. I’ve always been influenced by story telling. It’s how we humans inspire one another. Actors preserve history.

Q) Who would you name as your main inspiration that physically or mentally helped keep your eyes on your goals?

A) Aside from my Family and God I would have to say Brad Pitt. Imagine being so good at what you do, you can just walk into a room and everyone knows it’s showtime. I would like to have that influence in my craft.

Q) What aspect of pop culture has had the most lasting impact on your life?

A) Definitely Music Videos. I think music videos give us a perfect picture of what we want the finished project to look and sound like. If you think about it, a good horror movie is a music video. Horror without the music and costumes are pretty bland most of the time…Unless it’s a true story.

Q) Favorite Netflix series right now that everyone should go watch!?

A) Malibu Rescue starring Ricardo Hurtado. Go see it…not because he’s my good friend but because it’s worth it. (Wink)

Q) Things have been tough for most of the world this year and many people are quick to write it all off. If you had to flip the script a bit and think about something that has left a positive lasting impact on you within this year, what would that be?

A) This year, as rough as it was, gave me an opportunity to focus on myself and kill my pride. The world was literally burning and I’m over here screaming “Does anyone need an actor?” So needless to say I had to take a break and start fresh. I was upset about it at first but the more I thought about it, the more I began to fall in love with acting again.

Q) The moment your social media accounts started gaining traction were you surprised or was this something you were mainly working towards? – Do you remember what specifically caught people’s attention and helped grow your account in the beginning?

A) I only made social media for acting purposes. But as I began to make friends in the industry, I began to see how people were able to diversify their talents. I was into that.         The main thing that caught people’s attention was my 50’s movie accent (Trans-Atlantic accent) I poked fun at the time period and I got to show off my acting skills as well.

Thank you Greg, Matty and Diomi!

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