Fenix Flores – HeyBoy x VTEEN Exclusive Interview

Fenix Flores by Hernán Guillén - Shirtless in Kitchen HeyBoy Fanzine

Fenix Flores by Hernán & Fenix Photo

HeyBoy x VTEEN Exclusive Interview

Instagram: @fenixfloress

Q) You have an amazing eye for detail in all your work. At what age did you realize you wanted to create a career for yourself revolving around photography?

A) Since I was little when I started high school and got my first phone I started taking photos to my friends and realized I was good at it. I was around 12

Q) Who would name as some of your biggest inspirations in the fashion world and why do you believe they left such an impact on you?

A) Sarah Jessica Parker is one of my biggest inspirations, it all started when I saw her playing in Sex and the City as Carrie Bradshaw and since then has been one if my biggest inspirations, she made me realize that I loved the fashion industry. Nonetheless, I have other inspirations such as Rihanna and Ariana Grande.

Q) Thinking about pop culture (past or present). What part would you say inspires you the most and would you say you pull more inspiration from a more retro version of pop culture or more from current culture?

A) what inspires me the most is the style of the artists of that time with no doubt, and I pull inspiration from both, the retro version of pop culture and the current culture, to get my own style.

Q) Do you have a strange addiction to anything in particular? Funky socks, Sweat pants, mugs… You know that one thing all your friends judge you for! How do you think this strange addiction started?

A) In my opinion I would not consider it strange, but I would say I have an addiction for Spicy chips, I eat them all the time, and also another addiction would be that I always keep small souvenirs such as tickets and popsicle wraps.

Q) When you are out gift shopping for a close friend, what is the most important factor in your mind when deciding what that perfect gift looks like? – The Holidays are coming!

A) More than giving an expensive gift, I prefer giving something that I consider would put a smile in the face of that special person, I always put attention to what other people would like to receive. So I would consider to be the most important factor is making someone happy with the gift.

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