Dylan Rubic by David Altobelli – HeyBoy x VTEEN Exclusive

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Dylan Rubic by David Altobelli

HeyBoy Fanzine x VTEEN Exclusive Interview

Instagram: @dylanrubic Photographer: @davidaltobelli

Q) People talk a lot about the negatives of pop culture… If you had to change the script a bit, how would you say that pop culture has helped shape you into who you are today?

A) I find that pop culture helps shape everything from fashion, to verbiage to where you go for lunch. Pop culture in general has helped shape me into who I am and helped me figure out my own personal likes and dislikes. But it’s just that. It HELPS shape these things. I think that it helps us all find new and exciting things, but also it can help us discover ourselves and to see what fits into our own personal narratives.

Q) Who is currently keeping you motivated in your playlist right now?

A) Alfie Templeman and BENEE

Q) The Internet seems to be bent out of shape because of “The feminisation of men” More so now after Harry Styles wardrobe! Why do you think it bothers people so deeply and how do you think men getting in touch with their feminine side will benefit the future?

A) I think that anything that doesn’t fit within the mold of normality scares people. Humans are so used to living their lives within a certain line that as soon as you color outside of it, people panic. I honestly think it’s fantastic to challenge those boundaries. Nothing great ever became of the world with people staying in their own bubble. Progress and change is scary but it’s necessary.

Q) When you are receiving a gift from someone, what would you say the most important part is that will help leave a lasting impression on you? – Holiday gifting season is coming so fast!

A) It’s so funny because I literally remember every gift that has been given to me from my grandma giving me a Ken Doll when I was 4 to a Starbucks mug from a high school friend’s mom when I was 17. I’m not much of a materialistic person. It’s the whole concept of receiving a gift, no matter how big or small, the idea and intention behind it. I think it’s the mindset of expecting a gift vs accepting a gift that truly makes the difference.

Q) Movies/TV or Video Games!? – Name a few favorites and let us know why we need to check them out!

A) I am such a nerd when it comes to these things, but I am a huge League of Legends player and anime weeb. One Piece and Seraph of the End are my go to anime’s that I will literally re-watch multiple times.

Q) Funky Socks, Fancy Accessories, Sweatpants, Mugs, Stickers…. Do you have a strange addiction to collecting a specific item? – You know that one thing people in your life judge you for because you have way too much of it, but they still get you more as a Birthday gift!

A) I’m about to sound like a total yoga mom, but essential oils. I have so many that it’s almost embarrassing. My bathroom has a whole shelf of around 60 at the moment.

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