Cameron Dallas Vanity Teen Exclusive

Cameron Dallas Shirtless

Vanity Teen Cameron Dallas Throwback Shoot!

Cameron Dallas photographed by Eric Mas. This exclusive shoot was done for Vanity Teen Magazine print edition issue #4.
Cameron Dallas Shirtless Camo

So crazy how much time has passed since the days of Vine! Cameron Dallas featured in this shoot which was taken around the days of his rise to fame on the popular application Vine!

With Vine has disappearing, Tiktok has quickly under the radar become bigger than the app Vine. New social media stars are being created daily because of the reach you are able to gain just like you could back in the day.

Cameron Dallas was the King of Vine and basically all of social media. It is so nice to see other talent from a new generation having their dreams come true just as so many did with Vine.

Cameron Dallas Muscle Shirt
Cameron Dallas Shirtless Surfboard
Cameron Dallas Hand Stand
Cameron Dallas Black and White photo
Cameron Dallas Shirtless Flexing
Camerson Dallas looking over shoulder

Did you know!?

  • Cameron Dallas was born September 8, 1994 in Whittier, California.
  • Cameron Struggled allot with addiction in his past. He now uses his platform to spread positive messages about addiction and also donates and raises money to help others seek the help they are needing to get through their struggles.
  • He has won 4 teen choice awards and 1 peoples choice award! He was also nominated for around 6 others which he almost won!
  • Describes his ethnic background as half Scottish, a quarter German and a quarter Mexican!